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Civil construction shapes the world around us and it’s in our blood. Every member of the Boomerang team has a passion to make sure every job is completed to the exact specifications of each client. With Boomerang you get the whole package, from site planning, excavation, and pipework, to concrete, demolition, and underground utilities, we do it all. And we do it right every time.

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Site Development

Boomerang is a leader in eastern Iowa in every stage of site development. We specialize in all things demolition, grading, utility work and excavation. We use top-of-the-line equipment with the latest technology to accomplish any job for municipalities or private entities—no matter the size, no matter the environment. Bring on the dirt.

Site Development

We come from a land down under

Underground Utilities

Our people and equipment specialize in diving deep into complicated, dirty and wet underground utility work for municipalities. Whether it’s placing a water main, storm sewer or lift station—nothing underground is above our head. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy digging holes and playing in the dirt?

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Trenchless Technology

Our experienced team can seamlessly install, replace or repair underground pipework with minimal destruction. This trenchless technology saves money and avoids traffic problems as we navigate through difficult applications. It also allows us to provide the end user with the utilities they need in a way that is squeaky clean.  

You gotta
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before you
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Boomerang takes pride in being able to remove structures safely and efficiently. Our demolition crews are experienced to take down whatever is in the way to allow a project to have a fresh start. All facets of this service are tactfully engineered and planned to ensure the welfare of our employees is maintained. On top of that, tearing things down is a whole lot of fun!

Our reputation is as solid as our structures

Structural Concrete

Our reputation in concrete work is as firm as the foundations we pour including treatment plants, lift stations, heavy-duty, vertical structural concrete, and more.

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Concrete Paving

Boomerang takes on the toughest jobs in concrete paving. Whether you need foundations, floor slabs, plumbing trenches, retaining walls, sidewalks, or curbing, we’ll give you a smooth finish.

Concrete Paving

we blow everyone out of the water

Process Piping & Water

We’ve been trusted to be the general contractor for many wastewater treatment and water treatment plants so municipalities can best serve the public. These huge, critical concrete structures—and the piping needed to make them operational—are essential municipal components. Whether it’s for drink water or stink water, we’re proud to say we can handle it.

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