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All it took was a young man and an old excavator to get Boomerang thrown into motion in 1998. From there, we have quickly grown to be a premier civil contracting company propelled by teamwork, integrity, innovation and hard work — the values Bryce Ricklefs founded the company on.

While some refuse to step out of their comfort zone, we embrace challenging infrastructure projects to push ourselves to become better in the safest way possible. As we quickly grow, we put a strong emphasis on developing team members personally and professionally through comprehensive and supportive training.

Developing these superior employees to use cutting-edge equipment allows our company to build foundations that are far above our competitors. It’s the reason why clients keep coming back.


When it comes to safety, we don’t mess around. Boomerang invests an extensive amount of time and energy developing safety procedures to protect the well-being of our team members. Our daily safety practices are strengthened and discussed weekly, monthly and annually to promote our proactive, culture-based safety program.



Bryce Ricklefs

Bryce Ricklefs | Owner

Sarah Ricklefs

Sarah Ricklefs | Owner

Jeni Haas

Jeni Haas | Business Manager

Brent Ricklefs

Brent Ricklefs | Operations Manager

Matt Bockenstedt

Matt Bockenstedt | Lead Estimator

Seth Gilkes | Chief Financial Officer

Alexus Sievertsen | Controller

Justin Bartling | Safety Manager

Paula Herold

Paula Herold | Paving Division Manager

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